Private Dance Lessons, Because Everybody Should Know How to Boogie.

Imagine it’s Saturday evening and you’re racking your brain for something to do. You’re attuned to the spirit of adventure lurking in the air and you feel that it just might be your night to hit the town. Maybe you’ve got a sweetie. Maybe you don’t. It matters not. You’re interested in one thing, and one thing only: having fun-filled evening that leaves you feeling not drained, but lighter. You want to be invigorated. You feel like dancing. You remember your dance lessons.

It’s not long before you’re out the front door. The engine roars and turns over and your home becomes increasingly smaller as you fly backwards out of the driveway and pour out into the street. Perhaps it’s just your imagination, but you swear that somewhere out in the distance, you hear a wolf’s wild, raw howl. You can relate. You feel free. You feel as if anything can happen. Primitive. Ready. You’re going to burn it up just like at the dance lessons.

You pull up to that place you know and love-the dance club. You should probably have your birth certificate updated because as far as you’re concerned, you’ve been re-born on that dance floor. Many times. It’s your fountain of youth. It’s where you go to write your poetry. You have no need for a pen because you’re a different sort of laurite and it’s your body that lays down your prose.

This is could be your life, right? If you’re shaking your head and thinking, “no way”, worry not. Dancing is a language; it is yours for learning. Taking private dance lessons is a fun way to develop the skills and confidence necessary to make the evening described above something you may end up jotting down in your diary. Do it because you want to be invigorated. Do it because anything can happen. This could be your life.


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